Vital Vitamin Supplement To Improve Memory Power

Unfortunately, our innate brain capacities are not always equally distributed. Fortunately, intelligence is not something that is forever fixed. There are many ways to give your brain a boost, including healthy nutrition. Read these five tips and checkout Lumonol reviews by real users to find out why it is the best supplement!

Tip 1: Vitamin B, quite important

Vitamin B plays a role in maintaining brain function. Folic acid (a form of vitamin B) helps in the development of the brain. Who gets enough folic acid is more alert, and has a better memory. Folic acid can be found in green vegetables, beans, fruit and lentils. Vitamin B12 plays a role in making myelin, a substance that helps the neurons in our brain function. Because vitamin B 12 mainly occurs in meat and fish, vegetarians and vegans may have a shortage of B12. This can lead to memory problems, depressive symptoms and mental inertia. Make sure you get enough vitamin B12. It is recommended to aim between 3 and 100 micrograms per day. Vitamin B6 helps to make the substance serotonin. This is a substance that ensures alertness.

Tip 2: Moderate the alcohol

That a lot of alcohol and a clear mind do not go together, everyone knows who has had a big hangover. But alcohol can also damage the brain in the long term. And not only with heavy alcoholics. This is shown by a study from 2014. Men who drank more than 14 glasses of alcohol per week, eventually suffered from memory loss. They could also think less quickly. Women who drank more than 7 glasses a week also deteriorated cognitively, even though their decline was less. So be careful with how much you drink. Unnoticed you sometimes get more inside than you think. A bottle of beer is already one and a half glass of alcohol. Also in many wine glasses more than the 'standard' quantity fits a glass of wine (100 nl).

Tip 3: eat a handful of blueberries regularly

Blueberries are not only delicious, but they are also a real brain booster! There are many flavonoids in blueberries, and flavonoids have many beneficial effects on our brain. They protect our brain from toxic substances. They also promote our learning ability. Flavonoids have a positive effect on memory, learning ability and all kinds of cognitive functions. For example, they promote logical reasoning, making decisions, understanding words and reasoning with numbers. Blueberries are therefore rightly a superfood for our brain.

Tip 4: Hood with the sugar

You do not only become fatter of sugar, but also more stupid! Eating a lot of sugar causes a certain substance in your brain to be made less hard. This fabric is called BDNF. It is essential for our brain to store memories and learn things. Rats that received a sugar-rich drink instead of water, performed worse on all kinds of cognitive tests, researchers discovered in 2012. Now the rats did get a very high dose of sugar, but this shows that an excess of sugar does not good for the brain. It is true that sugar, to a limited extent, is also a nutrient for our brain. But nowadays we get too many sugars, then too little. This also applies to people who do not eat very much. Many products from the supermarket are packed with hidden sugars. So who wants to become smarter (or at least not stupid), leaves the sugar as much as possible. Pay attention to the packaging to see how much sugar is in the product.

Tip 5: Omega-3, the building block for your brain

Omega-3 fatty acids rightly have a healthy image. Omega-3 fatty acids are building blocks and protectors for your brain. A study from 2014 investigated the effects of a diet with a lot of omega-3 fatty acids on the brain development of monkeys. Monkeys who received a lot of omega-3 fatty acids had more connections in their brain. Fish is an important source of omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, it is also advised to eat 300 grams of fatty fish twice a week. Unfortunately for the frozen herring lover, every day oily fish is not good either. Fish also contains a lot of harmful substances. Do not eat more than the recommended amount. Especially pregnant women, breastfeeding women or women with a desire to have children should be careful. Avoid predatory fish such as marlin, swordfish, zander, shark, king mackerel and fresh tuna.


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